Klimb for Volume Hiring
Specialised recruiting process & innovative strategies are needed for high volume hiring. Get the power & possibilities to tackle hiring at any scale.

Outbound Sourcing Automation

Use Automation to reduce turnaround time and save hours of manual effort that goes into volume hiring. Use unparalleled technology to deliver spectacular Pitches, Interest Check and Profile Capture. Customise the process to each role and operate at scale.


Talent Rediscovery

High churn in volume hiring can be compensated with rehiring. Intelligent search helps rediscover company alumni and past applicants, without requiring any manual tagging and curation from recruiters.

Walkin Automation

Walkins are an integral part of volume hiring. Go paperless and low touch with apply & screening process for walkins at office reception. Make it effective by automatically connecting candidates with specific recruiters.

Screening Automation

Cut down repetitive tasks of Volume Hiring with Screening Automation. Apply different techniques for screening such as Match Score and Custom Screening Questions. Make faster decisions based on screening data & candidate history.

Bulk Interview Management

Individual calendar invitations to each candidate may not work for higher volume hiring. Broadcast, Assign, Collaboratively Evaluate, and finish interviews at scale with customised tools.

Parallel Recruiting

Expand your capacity by enabling multiple recruiters to work in parallel and fill volume openings faster. Get the combined benefits of Collaborative Recruiting and Lead Management Systems.

SMS & Video

Choose most effective communication channels and media for Volume Hiring. Use SMS over email for autoresponders, interview, sourcing automation, etc. Deliver regional video content using video delivery solution.