December 30, 2023

Frontline Hiring

Frontline Hiring: Major Challenges and Our Innovative Solutions

In today’s dynamic business landscape, Frontline hiring is crucial for organizations that directly interact with customers or deliver essential services. Due to high competition in the job market, finding qualified candidates with the right skills can be difficult. Some of the major challenges like ineffective sourcing, time-consuming screening process, high volume of applicants, unstructured walk-in interview process, and inefficient onboarding process lead to increased recruitment costs and disruptions in service delivery. We understand the unique challenges of frontline recruitment. That’s why we’ve developed unique solutions in our recruitment SaaS software ‘Klimb’ to streamline the volume hiring processes, identify top-tier talent, and elevate the frontline operations.

Overcome the inefficiencies of manual screening process in frontline hiring

Manual screening processes can be time-consuming and may not effectively identify the best candidates. 

Custom Questions in Career Site

You can better identify candidates who align closely with your organization’s requirements with Custom Questions on the Apply Page. Get a deeper insight into candidates’ qualifications and suitability by adding questions of various data types.  


Further, you can filter applications based on Custom Questions, which enables you to efficiently analyse candidate profiles based on the responses to these custom questions and save valuable time.

custom question
audio video screening

Audio & Video Screening in ATS

Audio & Video Screening capability allows you to automate and capture audio/video responses from candidates directly from your pipeline. 


Create a series of pre-recorded questions to evaluate communication and judgement skills for frontline hiring.  


Configure time-limit and language, leverage AI-powered speech-to-text technology for a comprehensive assessment of candidates.

Candidate Shortlisting by Hiring Managers 

Recruiters can collaborate with Hiring Managers and receive feedback on Candidate profiles before scheduling interviews. 


Multiple hiring team members can be added as collaborators and profiles can be assigned to them for approval. 


Hiring managers can conveniently review candidate profiles and provide feedback from mobile devices while on the go.

shortlisting by hiring manager

Reduce recruitment costs with an automated employee referral program

Traditional recruitment methods can be expensive, especially when dealing with high turnover rates.

frontline hiring referral campaign

Referral Campaigns as a Hiring Channel

Reduce recruitment costs significantly by creating customized employee referral campaigns, which can put your employee referral program in high gear.  Choose the positions you want to promote, timing and target audience.


You can easily track campaigns, analyse emails delivered, and the success of the campaigns for efficient monitoring and further improvements.

Referral Rewards to Employees

Empower employees to earn referral points by sharing job openings on their social profiles and referring candidates through employee referrals. 


Enjoy the flexibility of referral rewards in both online and offline modes for a seamless experience. Configure points for specific actions and customise the mail templates to maximise the outcome.

frontline hiring referral reward

Enhance the efficiency and candidate experience of the selection process

Manual, time-consuming methods delay the selection process of frontline staff, affecting operational efficiency. Frontline employees who feel prepared and supported are more likely to stay in their roles. This reduces turnover, which is not only costly in terms of recruitment and training but also contributes to a more experienced and knowledgeable workforce.

frontline hiring walk-in automation

Walk-in Automation of Walk-in Hiring

Manual handling of walk-in interviews often results in time-consuming procedures, making it difficult to manage the inrush of candidates effectively. Our Walk-in Automation, helps you set up & manage your walk-in candidates effortlessly where you can add content, capture profiles, add MCQs, and Audio/Video questions.


This kiosk model separates the registration process and decentralises the application and testing process to other devices. This strategic approach directly addresses the shortcomings of manual procedures, providing a comprehensive solution that saves your precious time.


Paperless Onboarding of New Hires

Redefine the complicated onboarding process and eliminate the hassles of manual paperwork by auto-generating the joining documents. Customize onboarding documents to align with your organization’s specific requirements. From compliance forms to employment contracts, generate and download any type of documents effortlessly ensuring a smooth and error-free onboarding journey.

frontline hiring onboarding documents
frontline hiring pre-job training

Pre-Job Training for Selected Candidates

Klimb goes beyond conventional pre-job training procedures by offering an immersive and interactive experience with its post-offer Onboarding Videos and Engagement. 


The Post offer Engagement process empowers you to maintain continuous communication with new hires during their notice period. You can effectively convey crucial information, company culture, and training to candidates by leveraging visual and interactive videos at the post-offer stage.

Other unique solutions that we offer for frontline recruiting

Klimb offers several robust solutions to further enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the frontline hiring journey.

Job Board Integrations with ATS

Managing a high volume of applicants from various hiring channels can be challenging. With Klimb, you can consolidate all incoming applications into a centralized dashboard, providing your hiring team with a unified view of the entire recruitment process. 


Take advantage of our cutting-edge features like Job Boards Integration to seamlessly integrate with popular platforms like Naukri, LinkedIn, Google Jobs, etc. Additionally, leverage Campus Connect to establish seamless connections with educational institutions and ensure effortless management of top-tier talent for your organization.

job board integration
frontline hiring offer letter generation

Customized Offer Letter Generation for Candidates

Revolutionize the offer letter generation process with our customizable Offer Letter Templates. With a user-friendly step-by-step approach, effortlessly generate offer letters that align with your organization’s letterhead and salary structure preferences.


Experience the convenience of our unique salary calculator and custom formulas to auto-calculate various salary components effortlessly while setting up the template. This not only streamlines the offer letter creation process but also ensures accuracy, consistency, and a professional presentation of employer branding.

Reports & Analytics for Recruitment Insights

Klimb offers robust Reports and Analytics tools that empower recruiters and hiring managers with invaluable insights, facilitating data-driven decision-making. Gain real-time visibility into the recruitment process, from candidate sourcing to onboarding. 


Get access to interactive dashboards for a tailored view of the data that matters most. Whether you’re focusing on recruiter productivity metrics, candidate engagement, or hiring team performance, these dashboards provide all essential metrics needed for impactful analysis.

reports and analytics