Hiring should be a two-way street with "Effective Pitches" & "Measurable Intent".


Klimb is a recruitment platform that accounts for Candidate Intent. Recruiters can influence & measure Intent through Candidate Engagement & Education from Shortlist to Joining.

Reduce hiring uncertainty


Bet on the right candidates

"Quality of Hire & Time to fill are the top two metrics in Recruitment", as per LinkedIn 2015 Survey of Corporates.

About Us

Hand crafted by Recruiters & Technology Experts.

Klimb emerged out of our experience working closely with about 50+ Startups & larger Product Companies for their hiring. While there is so much done to assess Candidate Ability, Candidate Intent remains unaddressed. Our team consists of Technologists who have built successful web based Software Products as well as Recruiters who have helped hire some of the best talent in the country.

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  • User Experience
  • Latest Technologies

"Recruitment is akin to Marketing today, and needs modern technology solutions that offer better Targeting, Decision Making, and CRM."

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