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Hiring is #1 on every CEO’s list. Hiring is a nerve-racking process despite having Several Recruitment Channels, Placement Consultancies, Internal HR, and ATS Softwares. We strongly believe that these problems are best solved using technology coupled with a keen consumer insight. Klimb is a stealth startup focused on building next generation Recruitment Technology Platform.



Klimb “Art-of-Hiring” is a learning platform that helps recruiters unravel tech hiring.

"Quality of Hire & Time to fill are the top two metrics in Recruitment", as per LinkedIn 2015 Survey of Corporates.

About Us

Hand crafted by Recruiters & Technology Experts.

Klimb team has deep experience in Recruitment & in building Web-enabled solutions for various consumer and business problems. Klimb's domain knowledge comes from hands-on experience of it's founder in helping tech startups & product companies hire key talent. The founder previously served as the product head for, and drove innovation on several fronts during his stint.

  • Domain Knowledge
  • User Experience
  • Latest Technologies

"Recruitment is akin to Marketing today, and needs modern technology solutions that offer better Targeting, Decision Making, and CRM."

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You are at the right place, if your recruitment challenges include Quality-of-Hire or Time-to-Fill.