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Klimb enables Companies to proactively Nurture Talent, Engage 1:1 with Candidates, Predict Intent, and Succeed from Discovery to Joining
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Solutions for Hiring Success
Wide-Net Talent Discovery

Get Candidates from all possible sources. Get high conversions from Employee Referrals & their Social Networks.

Engagement Automation

Get power of 1:1 Engagement, at Scale. Influence Interest, Consideration & Commitment. Nurture relationship until Joining.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Collaborate with stakeholders. Analyse Social Bio & Profiles, Resumes, and Documents.

Measurable Employer Branding

Deliver Employer Value Proposition as an Experiential Journey. Make it Comprehensive, Differentiated, Business Oriented and Employee Focused.

Candidate Intent Analytics

Half the battle in Recruitment is fought at Candidate’s end. Map Candidate’s Decision Making process using Powerful Analytics.

Recruitment Process Excellence

Define SLAs & run like Six Sigma. Automate Content Delivery to Candidate at all points.

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About Us
Hand crafted by Recruiters & Technology Experts

Klimb emerged out of our experience working closely with about 50+ Startups & larger Product Companies for their hiring. While there is so much done to assess Candidate Ability; Candidate Intent remains unaddressed. Our team consists of Technologists who have built successful web based Software Products as well as Recruiters who have helped hire some of the best talent in the country.

  • Domain Knowledge
  • User Experience
  • Latest Technologies

"Look for the people who want to change the world.” –Marc Benioff, Salesforce CEO

Core Team
Prashanth Thiruvaipati
Piyush Gururani
Head Engineering
Akhil Mohammed
Neha Alreja
Full Stack Developer
Full Stack Developer
Santosh Sahu
Quality Assurance
Nawalesh Kunwar
Frontend Developer
Anmol Bhat

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