April 12, 2017

Offer Acceptance Best Practices

Offer Acceptance means that you have done all your homework and are giving a commitment to join the organisation.

Below are some of the best practices complied based on feedback from various recruiters over a period of time.

Do your homework:

  • Research to the extent that you are confident about joining the organisation
  • Ask questions to the HR contact person, talk to current & ex-employees, or do online research
  • Understand your role and details around reporting manager, compensation, and company policies
  • Be sure you want to change your job, even if your current organisation tries to match the offer

Following events qualify as breaking your commitment:

  • Not joining after you accept the offer
  • Renegotiating any of the terms after acceptance
  • Entertaining other interviews after offer acceptance
  • Staying back at current organisation after accepting an offer


  • Please remember that business is linked to your joining
  • Organisations face a set back when a candidate does not join as per the commitment
  • Organisations are actively addressing this area and your reputation is at stake
  • This may affect your position in the Industry


  • Always communicate in case of any change including a potential delay in joining date
  • Communicate as early as possible
  • Not communicating will make matters worse and organisations are more likely to take more serious measures