India’s leading Insurance company has chosen Klimb for Digitally Transforming the Talent Acquisition

We are pleased to announce that Klimb was chosen by one of the leading Insurance companies in India. Klimb was implemented for its innovative solutions, ease of use & customer service.


For a large team, which is geographically widespread, it was a challenge to make collaborative hiring decisions. The team primarily relied on manual processes to accomplish their recruiting goals – from sourcing candidates to scheduling interviews and managing offers. It resulted in delays, and with no software to manage their pipelines, they were not able to keep track on the candidate emails and responses.


After adopting Klimb, the team witnessed a significant overhaul in their recruiting process.


Klimb created a unified dashboard & one stop for applications from all hiring channels. Recruiting operations got streamlined with Interview & Offer Management including scheduling, negotiation & offer letter generation. It made time-consuming & laborious tasks into delightful experiences right from CV Parsing, Duplicate Detection, Candidate History, capturing Candidate Data, Communicating over Whatsapp to sharing Notes.


Profile Screening by 50+ hiring managers became a breeze with on-the-go screening solution. This resulted into easy collaboration with hiring managers and interviewers to give candidates a superior experience. The Management team had easy visibility & ability to diagnose problems using MIS & Reports. The analytics they were missing before helped them become a more data-driven and proactive team.



Company Profile:


Locations: 150+


Employees: 4000+


Recruiters: 30+