How Advantum Health Transformed Their Hiring



How Advantum Health Transformed Their Hiring


Klimb recently worked with Advantum Health, an innovation-enabled revenue performance and advisory company for healthcare companies with locations Pan-India and the United States.


For Advantum Health, scaling up to twice the number of Employees has been a work in progress. Expeditious Talent requirement to support US Clients was a particularly difficult task for a company that navigates care providers through the future of healthcare. Additionally, in order to tackle a large volume of Applications, Advantum Health’s sourcing and recruiting model needed a total overhaul. Advantum Health selected Klimb’s recruiting platform for immediate deployment and training Pan-India.

We worked in three phases – initially deploying the software service in the first 3 weeks, enabling and monitoring full operations within the first 45 days, and integrating all additional capabilities & requirements over the first 3 months.



In 2 Months, they were able to hire 300+ Employees meeting their hiring target and Increased recruiter productivity by over 300%. About 20,000 plus Candidate communications were Automated with the help of Klimb. We were pleased when Mansoor Ali, the Vice President of HR  said that “They couldn’t have asked for more”.



Thanks to Klimb’s Automation in Candidate Interactions and Employee Referrals, Sophisticated reporting capabilities, it has proven to be a trusted and essential component of Advantum Health’s recruiting strategy.



We were pleased when Vijay Rajan, CEO of Advantum Health said that they ‘couldn’t have asked for more’.