Google Jobs Integration

We have recently completed Google Jobs Integration. Jobs added on Klimb can be published to google on just a single click! This integration is available for all our free and paid clients at no cost.

With 30% of all global Google searches employment related, Google jobs facilitates the recruitment process and bridges the gap between job seekers and employers, making it easy for talented people to find suitable roles. This integration would therefore prove to be strategically advantageous from a sourcing point of view. Applications coming from Google will be imported in Klimb and distinguished by its source.



About Google Jobs


Google Jobs is a job search feature powered by Google. It was first released in June 2017 in the USA and has since gone live in Canada, India, Spain, and parts of Africa. Candidates can search for Jobs and apply to the open positions directly from the search bar. It has numerous filters which helps narrow down the search.

Google for Jobs is similar to job search engines like Indeed, which pulls job listings from many different sources. The difference is that Google’s technology will power the search results.