Overview video of Klimb

Whether you’re into quality hiring or volume hiring, you want your recruiters to optimise hiring time and cost.

Recruiters have the herculean task of attracting talent at scale, selecting matches and weeding out the window shoppers.

Recruiters also have to optimise hiring costs from numerous channels, while getting internal collaborative tasks done on time.

Introducing Klimb, an automation suite that enables recruiters to tackle today’s hiring challenges.

Our engagement automation delivers microsites with embedded video, text, and questions, enabling rich communication over email or SMS.

Our sourcing automation mines your employee networks, alumni, all past applicants & prospects, to deliver interview ready candidates.

Our Job board integration links multiple job boards to a unified pipeline, further reducing time to source.

With Klimb, recruiters can collaborate and use analytics for better decision making in quality hiring.

And they can choose from several automations from sourcing to screening for volume hiring.

But here’s the best part. Klimb is easy to use & mobile friendly. Klimb also integrates seamlessly into your existing softwares.

Get Klimb today. Give control back to your recruiters.